Sunday, April 9, 2017

Lumion 6 Available in the Built Environment Computer Labs

Hi All,

We currently have the latest version of Lumion installed in the computer labs for you to use, however there is also a version that you can copy for use on your own computers.

At this stage it is Lumion 6, but we will have the latest version available shortly.

You find it by going to the computer lab, log in and navigating to the student software folder in the resources drive. You'll see a folder there called Lumion 6. Copy the whole folder ... there are about six or so files in it and you'll need them all. Run the Lumion.exe and it will install.

IMPORTANT!!!!! when you run the educational version it connects to the Lumion servers and gets a temporary licence. When you close Lumion you need to be online so your machine can give the license back ... failing to do this will make that license unusable, and as we only have enough for the people in the class someone (possibly you!) will miss out if the licenses get used up. If the license is returned properly they can be reused over and over.


  1. Hi Russell,
    I have downloaded Lumion, however when I tried to open the lumion.exe file, it brings up an error message saying "Microsoft Windows Applications are not supported on MacOS". Is there anyway to access Lumion on my MacBook?



  2. Hi Will, yes, you'll need to install windows on your MacBook. All the software at FBE is Windows based, so using Windows on your own machines is highly recommended.

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