Monday, June 5, 2017

Internship opportunities

Hi All,

Firstly, it was a big day last Thursday ... the last studio before final submission. Sincere congratulations for getting this far!

Thanks also to Ally Bennett, the People and Capability Manager at the Architecture firm Populous, who came around and spoke with you about internship opportunities.

You can see more of their work at and follow them for news, updates on their projects, people and job opportunities at

Ally's contact details are via the internship ads on Linkedin.
If you'd like to follow up with Ally, we've told her to expect an email with a link to your blog; yes, if you hadn't already figured that out ... your blogs are great ways to introduce yourself to prospective employers, it gives them great insight into how you work as well as the quality of your end results. Employers like to see both of these when determining if you are the right fit for their companies. 

If you are keen to explore internship opportunities (with Populous or any of the Architecture practices we have links with at the faculty), or would like to know more, leave a comment below.

And finally, here are some images of projects from Populous:


Andrew and Russell