Tuesday, April 11, 2017

EXP2 Theme on Sustainability

Hi All,

The second theme presented as an option for EXP2 is Sustainability, below are three examples for inspiration:

Achim Menges - HygroScope - Here the timber is laminated in such a way to replicate the way plants naturally open and close due to the sun. His research is based on studying systems found in nature and recreating them with robotic fabrication - so it's a bit of a mix of sustainability and technology. 

Menges is from the Institute of Computational Design in Stuttgart and is giving a (free) lecture at UTS on April 24; see further details here.

On a larger scale and mechanical... the Al Bahar Towers in the Middle East. Here you'll see a fully responsive operable facade.

Finally, and back to the small scaled end of the spectrum again, below is a video about a project which my colleagues did in London last year - Circular House. It explored the concept of the Circular Economy, where all materials are re-used, recycled, upcycled, and constructed in a way that it can all be reused again. 



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