Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Inspiration for this weeks drawing

Hi All,

Take a look at this video discussing the production of one of Sol Lewitt's artworks from 2007

Lewitt worked in the office of Architect I.M. Pei before becoming an artist and is famous for inventing Conceptual Art. In Conceptual Art the idea, or concept, of the work is in some ways independent of its materiality; in this way Lewitt can specify the end result and employ others to realize it.

An example of this is “all combinations of two lines crossing, placed at random, using arcs from corners and sides, straight, not straight and broken lines” from 1972.

While these works seem totally deterministic and under complete control of the artist Lewitt recognized that people understood words differently and made lines differently. 

Your task this week, to draw 36 textures from dark to light follows this tradition.

(Another of Lewitt's works, a series of sculptures called Incomplete Open Cubes, is also worth taking a close look at).


Russell and Andrew

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